a16-_Bray_Marina_in_Progress Riverworks are pleased to have completed the river frontage improvement project for MDL at Bray Marina.  The works were undertaken using our extensive floating work fleet of piling barges and craft and involved the designing and renewing of the fuel wharf, works to the crane bay and visitors area. As the existing concrete wall was becoming undermined, the river frontage was in need of protection from further erosion.  With minimal disruption to Marina users, Riverworks installed an 80 metre long run of 7 metre long Larssen steel piling along the frontage.  Works also involved new fendering and mooring cleats, a new fuel station, construction of pathways and the infilling of the old slipway.  The works were completed on schedule, with the final landscaping providing an aesthetically pleasing finish to the improved river frontage wharf, ready for the summer boating season.



 a17_-_Bray_Marina_Larssen_Piling         a15_-_Bray_Marina_Frontage