Riverworks have recently completed a project for George Wimpey at the Laing Homes site at Chertsey Bridge.  The original hard bank protection in this area consisted of concrete riverbank and walls with high steel sheet piling.  The aim of our specification was to provide an effective bankside protection system with major consideration given to the environmental impact of the works.

This project involved the breaking out and disposal of original concrete riverbank and walls.  The cutting down of existing sheet piles to water level and the piling of the unprotected bankside areas with galvanised interlocking steel sheets.  Faggots and pre-planted coir rolls were installed along the whole of the river frontage. 

This method of bank protection resulted in an environmentally friendly frontage whilst providing a safe and long term bank protection along River Walk.  The netting will remain in position until next year giving the reeds time to become established.  This area will then be transformed from a river bank with an industrial appearance to a picturesque river setting.